***Due to localized flooding, FLNB Liberty, Dayton, Hardin, and Huffman will be opening at 10am on Friday, September 20, 2019. 

Many of the surrounding roads are being closed by local and state officials.  We hope you all are staying safe.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those being affected by this tremendous amount of rain. 

FLNB Insurance Agency, Inc.

First Liberty National Bank through its subsidiary, FLNB Insurance Agency, Inc., offers a variety of insurance products to its list of many financial services. FLNB Insurance Agency will help you meet your insurance needs and help you save money. Call any of our team of insurance professionals. They will be happy to visit with you. Call directly at 936-336-3641 or toll-free at 1-800-553-5243.

Liberty Office

1900 Sam Houston Ave., Liberty, TX 77575

Dayton, Hardin, Huffman Offices

FLNB Insurance Agency provides a broad range of products:

Home Insurance 
Flood Insurance
Auto Insurance
Life Insurance
Commercial Insurance
Health Insurance 

FLNB Insurance Agency represents the following insurance companies:

FLNB Insurance Agency, Inc.

Insurance products or annuities are offered through FLNB Insurance Agency, Inc. The insurance product or annuity is not a deposit or other obligation of, or guarantee by, First Liberty National Bank or FLNB Insurance Agency, Inc. The insurance product or annuity is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), any other agency of the United States, First Liberty National Bank, or FLNB Insurance Agency, Inc. In the case of an insurance product or annuity that involves an investment risk, there is investment risk associated with the product, including the possible loss of value.