Hurricane Harvey Information

Notice Regarding Bank Fees

With such widespread devastation, First Liberty National Bank will waive all Non-Sufficient Fund Fees/Charges for items presented for payment through September 15, 2017. Items will be reviewed and a determination made on a case-by-case scenario to pay or return the item but no fee will be charged for paid or returned checks by First Liberty National Bank.

Late charges for all loan payments will be waived from August 28, 2017 - September 29, 2017.

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A message from the First United Methodist Church of Liberty, TX:


Welcome to the team, y'all! This is the centralized group that is helping to coordinate disaster response in and around Liberty. Scroll down for current shelters taking people in, contact information for coordinators, and needs lists for this area.

Please forward this to your networks and ask them to click the "view this email in your browser" at the top, then click "subscribe" in the top left corner so they can be added to the list for future updates. You can also join the Liberty County Disaster Relief Cooperative group on Facebook for more updates or to share information as we move along.

Please make sure you are coordinating with this team so that we aren't sending mixed messages. Churches, community organizations, schools, city & county officials, and citizens can all work together to provide for the needs of everyone in our community!

Unfortunately, some areas are inaccessible from the central cities in the county. The most recent information indicates that shelters are active and need assistance in Cleveland, however we can't coordinate that from Liberty/Dayton area. There is a shelter active in Daisetta as well which we are not currently coordinating with. All new openings need to be communicated to the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management and to response coordinator Josh Hale (see below).

However, the 3 existing shelters operating in the City of Liberty have ongoing needs providing for approximately 200 shelter residents currently. These are located at First United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church, and North Main Baptist Church. These are all at capacity currently.

Liberty Middle School, 2515 Jefferson, will open at 1 pm today, Tuesday, August 29th. There are some volunteer leaders in place already, supported by LISD. Cody Abshire is available for questions or more info at 409.267.1730.

The other three shelters in town are more or less at capacity so as new people come in seeking shelter in the City of Liberty, they need to be directed to LMS. We are looking for volunteers and supplies (see below) so that we can scale up with the need today and beyond.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 411 Milam St, is also now open as a shelter as of 1 pm Tuesday, August 29th. They are staffed & serving people now. Call Fr Andy Vu at 713.637.9051 for more information.

St Joseph Catholic Church, located next door to the Dayton Community Center, is now open as a shelter. Call the church landline at 936.258.5735 for more information.

Call/Text 936.334.2859

If you know of a need for volunteers, please get in touch with Glenda and let her know how many, what time & location, and what kind of work/expertise is needed.

If you are willing to volunteer, please get in touch with Glenda and let her know where you can get to safely, what times/days you are available, and what kind of expertise/work you are willing to share.

All volunteer requests and help, including for shelters and other situations, need to funnel their requests through Glenda, including food preparers, non-emergency providers, or general helpers. Please help us stay abreast of all the needs!

Call/text 936-402-4795

If you know of a need for supplies, please get in touch with Alice and let her know what is needed, how many of the item, any specifics (clothing/shoe sizes, dietary needs, etc), and she will help get the word out.

If you have supplies you are willing to donate, please get in touch with Alice and let her know where you can get to safely, what you have, how many of each item, and any specific information that might be helpful to shelters and other providers.

Please call/contact ahead, because it will be easy to end up with too many of the wrong kinds of clothes at the wrong place, or too much food for any one shelter's refrigerators/freezers, etc. We want to get those supplies to the places it will do the most good, and not just sit around unused or in the way.

Air mattresses/cots/bedding materials
Pet carriers/kennels for use at shelters

Call/text 832.792.4950
Landline 936.336.6401

Josh is helping coordinate response efforts in the community from churches and service organizations, and keep the lines of communication open with the county public servants and other organizations that may be rendering assistance.

If you have information that needs to be communicated via this list, please email him at or urgent needs by call or text as above. Shelter managers should also coordinate with Josh as needed, as well as with the volunteer and supply coordinators.

God bless everyone, and we'll see you out on the streets as we serve our neighbors!

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